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👩🏻‍💻 since 2006 (pro since 2012)

aka inkjetski • new single “home to you” out now on bandcamp/apple music/spotify

building: uncut systems
prev: sotheby’s, twitter, spotify, meetup, etc

roles: front-end, back-end, sre, infra, platform, devex, tech lead, consultant

practices: xp, tdd, ddd, pairing, mobbing, t-shaped, xfun teams

languages: ruby, js, ts, go, java, scala, swift, html, css, sql

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Googly Eyed Peas
@[email protected]

Immune compromised Scala/Java/Golang/Rust/Haskell self employed developer, stuck at home because of how mild COVID is. Getting rather pissed off about it. Father of autistic boy. Anti-fascist. See a nazi, punch a nazi. 🌈 I hold the opinion that convicted billionaire fraudsters should go to big-boy prisons and not minimum security country clubs (ok Emma?)

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Software Developer trying to not go mad
I try to play guitar. I like it, you won’t.
I write mostly Java but I’d rathe use Scala, Clojure or Rust.
Nazis fuck off.

Born at lunchtime.

Against all forms of 🇮🇱

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Jesse Atkinson
@[email protected]

Man about . I want better and infrastructure. I write for money. I podcast at Detuned Radio for fun. Born & raised in Michigan.

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I write code, mostly C#, Scala, or Python. It’s my job and hobby. Also playing around with electronics on raspberry pi and micro:bit. 3D printer and newbie thing creator. Father of children, Walker of cockapoo, First of his name. He/Him.

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Vlad L 🇺🇦🦀
@[email protected]

“Just” a software engineer, functional human being. I work on systems currently, writing , , and lots of little scripts besides. , , and a bit of are main hobbies outside work currently.

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Fractional-CTO, and polyglot software engineer (, , , , , , , ) with focus on building and scaling infrastructure, platforms and SaaS products end-to-end.

Tolerates writing for good money.

Has a penchant for , , , .

Antifascist, immigrant, gay af, she/her.

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Mad computer scientist, unfinished project collector, meme enjoyer. Posts mostly tech and memes and tech memes.

Current project: Ludwig, a Lemmy clone in C++ -

Backlog project: Tapir, a single-user Fediverse server -

· · · · · · · · · · · (, , ) · / · · ·

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@[email protected]

Software Engineer based in the UK. Full stack development, usually on the JVM (Kotlin, Java and Scala). My current role also includes devops, mostly on AWS. I’m a big supporter of open-source. Definitely not a techbro!

Proponent of Agile, TDD, BDD, CUPID and general eXtreme Programming concepts. Not a fan of ‘enterprise agile’ - this is wrong!

Father of two teenagers. Love cycling and yoga. I do a lot of DIY, particularly building conservation work using traditional materials and skills.

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Software engineer. Working with , and trying to use (Should've started years ago).

Aiming to become a contributor to the and projects.

I like gaming, reading, music, anime, cleaning stuff (especially code) and improving performance wherever possible.

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super-ultra-premium, e.g., , functional programming, mentoring, nerdy stuff. he/him.

principal at, author

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Sam (Never Mantha)
@[email protected]

I'm a developer for fun and profit. I write , usually of the functional variety. I'm on the steering committee. I care about and and those two things combined. I also and .

This is one of my accounts! I have another account over at @spills

I'm pretty sure I don't know what I'm doing.

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he/him/his Dev in Berlin, and

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Christiano Anderson
@[email protected]

Data engineer living in Germany. Data Pipelines, Databases / 🌱 / guy ☕️ / INTJ. Posts in 🇬🇧, 🇧🇷 sometimes in 🇩🇪. Opinions and tweets are my own.

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Software Engineer from Barcelona ( )
Co-founder of
Father of 2, husband of 1.
Pronouns he/him

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Reference to the Future
@[email protected]

Posting random programming BLOBs and hashes



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May the force be with you, RAmen.

Nowadays I mainly write code in Go, but I also write/wrote code in Kotlin, Python, Scala, Groovy, Starlark, VimScript, Bash, C/C++, Java, PHP, and probably others.

He/him, they/them, or vi/vim.

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Paolo G. Giarrusso
@[email protected]

Exploring Mastodon.

PhD in Programming Languages. Formal Methods Engineer at Bedrock Systems — Coq/Scala/Haskell/Agda — geek — formally verifying C++

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Haskell / Scala developer, author of specs2 and registry

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The person who's wrong on the Internet. Meme-worthy. Lurking in the AI Alliance ( Also pretending to do FP, Scala, Physics, writing books, and conference speaking. Alleged photographer ( IBM Research

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Chema Cortés *ℝ
@[email protected]

💻Elegant code λx ↦ f x
📏 FP with scala and elm.
👾 Generation ZX

💡 "I find that I don’t understand things unless I try to program them" -- Donald Knuth

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Brian Schlining verified
@[email protected]

Turning the beauty, complexity, and wonder of the deep-sea into long strings of ones and zeros.

Software engineer. Deep-sea Researcher. Dad. Backpacker. Mountain biker. SCUBA instructor.

Following: , , ,

Pacific Grove, CA.

©2023-2024 Brian Schlining. All Rights Reserved.

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Software Engineer with opinions. Swedish-American in , CO. I do love functional languages. Used to be big on , currently working on , and .

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You can find me working in Scala tooling, exploring new music, enjoying good food, appreciating people's creations, and talking about all of them.

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Evgeny Afanasev
@[email protected]

Scala Developer

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Tobias Roeser
@[email protected]

Software Developer, Creator, Maintainer, Bikepacker, OSM Mapper, Dad.

Maintainer of Mill build tool, Scala, OSGi, Open Source, OpenStreetMap

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David Allsopp 🐀
@[email protected]

Scientist turned software engineer. Variously Java, Scala and Python over the years, some Big Data on Spark, some social media analysis, hype-busting tech writing, and a bunch of other stuff, now mostly trying to cram things reluctantly into k8s pods. Debunker of transphobes.

Field archery (trad. recurve).

Kung-fu (Shaolin 7 animals).

Keeper of rats.

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Software developer with an interest in using formal verification methods for solving business problems. I've also had a lifelong interest in mathematics.

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Functional programmer with an agile background, Founder. of Agilogy and Scala BCN.
🧒🏼👦🏻👩🏻 Family man , 🎻 amateur violinist.
I (mostly) only talk about sw dev. scala and the java .

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Carlos Saltos
@[email protected]

Coding with Scala, Elm, Haskell, Python, Erlang, Gleam, Rust, Java and Ruby on Linux and OpenBSD
Co-Founder of
For geeks -> @csaltos

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Queer. Trans. She/her. White. Python. Scala. SF. Cycling. Music. Revolution. Shoes.
I'm not even half-assing social media, I'm quarter-assing it.

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Software developer (Java, Go, Rust, Scala, JavaScript), father of 5, LGBTQ+ advocate, hoops junkie, Celtics & Jaguars fan, fountain pen collector. He/him.

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Romain Ruetschi
@[email protected]

Rust dev at work • Playing around with Swift and SwiftUI at home • Used to work on formal verification for Scala • Haskell enthusiast • Web dev in a previous life • I like 🐈🎾⛷️ 🧗‍♂️🛹👟

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@[email protected]

Building a hobby 2D game engine in Scala, among other things...

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Software Gardener. Speaker. Trainer. Testcontainers Community Champion. Художник. Honorary Bavarian. DMs open. 👨‍💻👨‍🌾

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Software engineer, interested in concurrency, and programming languages, currently doing Data Engineering with mostly and and now learning , and I like gaming when I have the time

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Scala developer, Gaymer, Hobbyist Game Developer

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Living in: Porto - Portugal 🇵🇹

Software Comitter
at AiFi

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tech: , , , , , , , distributed systems, consensus, , , , , F/LOSS; fun: guitar, swimming, sailing; ex: Sleepycat/BerkeleyDB, Akamai, AWS, Basho, NeXT, Sun, Oracle, ...

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Mattias Fagerström
@[email protected]

Backend software developer. 
Working mostly with Java, Kotlin and Scala.
Living in Sweden.

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Alex Boisvert
@[email protected]

In search of causality, composition & the right abstraction.

CTO @ Headspace Health.

Happily married, father of 2, or 4 counting furry friends.

Software, computer and electrical engineer.
Ham radio operator (KK6ZBK). I've been using computers since the C=64, ran my own BBS. I enjoy programming, and keep Scala, Nim, Typescript and Flutter easily accessible on my toolbelt.

Social moderate, fiscal conservative.

Also known as @boia01 on twitter.

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Physician. Arduino fan. Big Data Fanatic. I code in Scala, Python, Rust, R, Java, Shell and a tiny tiny tiny bit of Arduino C.

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Self help
Love gadgets, coffee. Not a pro in Rust/Scala, but I know Kafka/Flink/Cassandra/Airflow/Cloud / 18 years in FX / embracing a positive outlook despite occasional reflections.

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Hugo van Rijswijk
@[email protected]

I work on Stryker4s mutation testing for Scala. Love open source 👨‍💻, video games ⌨🖱, cats 🐱 and plants 🌱. I sometimes tweet Dutch stuff. He/him 🏳️‍🌈

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Married ▪ Retired ▪ Cat daddy x6 ▪ An incorrigible scalawag ne'er-do-well ▪ You want it darker, We kill the flame

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Software engineer, hiker, out of shape runner. -programming

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Gaël Jourdan-Weil
@[email protected]

🤲 OSS contributor • 🖥️ Eng. @KelkooGroup • 🚴 Bike commuter • ⛰️ Mountains lover

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Software Developer: C/C++, 🐍, , , , 💕 Linux 🐧 RasPi 🥧 maker 🤖 IoT enthusiast 🎛️ Jujutsu 🥋

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Performant Data
@[email protected]

Scala / database / optimization engineer
scala cpp_language react postgresql kubernetes linux
Berkeley, CA, US

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@[email protected]

Software Architect - Java/Scala Developer - Cybersecurity - Sci-Fi - Heavy Metal - Trekking - BJJ - Airsoft

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