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Peter Steinberger
@[email protected]

I bootstrapped a remote company before it was cool. Founder @pspdfkit (exit to Insight). Speaker. I tweet about iOS hacks, tech, remote biz. he/him🏳️‍🌈

Bear with me as I figure out how to use Twitter and Mastodon without annoying each groups 🙃

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Founder CEO @Flighty • ATX, iOS, SaaS, product, strategy, bootstrapped • Prev: Duke, Apple, Weather Line (acq’d)

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Justin Jackson
@[email protected]

⚡ Interested in bootstrapping, podcasting, calm companies, business ethics, better life 🎙️ Co-founder of Transistor.fm (podcast hosting)

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He’s CTO at CoverageBook, Rubyist, Conference Organizer of Brighton Ruby, Author, Speaker, Bootstrapper & Twin Dad.

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Educator, instructional technologist, tinkerer, musicmaker, hauler of bootstraps

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Full stack web developer and data expert working for digital-pharma.be. Builder of covid-vaccinatie.be. PHP dev ❤️

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Alexander Zeitler
@[email protected]

Bootstrapping @getkliento

📍 Karlsruhe, Germany

since 1981
since 2002
since 2008
since 2011
since 2011 (yes, I'm late)

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Announcing Ringzer0 - a premier cybersecurity training and conference event!
★ Austin TX ★ February 2024 ★ Registrations Open

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Scott Watermasysk
@[email protected]

Husband, Father, and KickoffLabs co-founder. Interests: basketball, bootstrapping, keyboards, training, and building new things

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Torsten Curdt
@[email protected]

Not sure I believe in the ways of Mastodon. But given how the bully blows through his $44 billion allowance it can't hurt to have another place to play.

I am building Software, Infra, Teams
OSS at the ASF

❤️ Sailing
❤️ Photography
❤️ Flip Flops Fix: torstencurdt.com/-/btff

Follow for musing about:
software dev, team building, remote work, tinkering, business bootstrapping,
and a hint of photography and sailing

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Founder & Software Architect @ Cerb for 22 years, building web-based coding tools for enterprise communication and workflow automation. 100% source-available & customer-funded.

I've been obsessed with coding since the dial-up BBS days of the early 1990s. My daily stack is PHP/MySQL/AWS/Docker, with increasingly more Python for devops/ML.

Learning piano and German.

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Dmitry Kudryavtsev
@[email protected]

🧑‍💻 Software Engineer & Tech Entrepreneur 
💸 Bootstrapping a SaaS to €1000 MRR in public (info on my website)
📝 Blogger & Self-published author
 📍Relocated to 🇳🇱

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Guillaume Marty
@[email protected]

Engineering manager | ex-Twitter, ex-@mozilla. Pronounced /ghee-yom/.
Life-long meditator, interested in languages, cultures, and history.
(they/them/he/him) 🇬🇧🏳️‍🌈

Tech stack: javascript html5, TypeScript, CSS, React, , , , Bootstrap, , ,

Available for hire 🫱🏽‍🫲🏾

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Still retired, oldmeanroy on twit, my best friend is my dog, bigtime car guy.

Programmed my first computer in 1964, a CDC160A, in binary. Using the switches on the front panel.
Took one byte off the paper tape bootstrap routine.

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Hello tooters! I'm an using   CDT to make network devices.

Also I build and outside in and inside on , enjoy , , red and 😋

In a different life I might have been in or !

Background picture of my Goomah by my son

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Marketer turned bootstrapper. Learning Ruby to build a SaaS business. Currently working on meetlars.com.

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Self host the software stack, bootstrap the hardware stack. Anything that isn't recyclable isn't sustainable. Close the loop, build computers out of trash.

I believe in trash magic. trashrobot.org/
Self hosting in both the sense of software that can build itself, as well as the decentralized distribution of information.

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Endurain is a self-hosted fitness tracking service that operates much like Strava but allows users to have complete control over their data and the hosting environment. The application's frontend is built using Vue.js 3 and Bootstrap CSS. On the backend, it leverages Python FastAPI and stravalib for seamless integration with Strava. The MariaDB database engine is employed to efficiently store and manage user data, while Jaeger is used for basic observability.

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CEO of Ordaloca.com. Posting about launching a commerce platform for local communities. As a and living in living by the sea 🛍🚀. 
Also co-founder of propellerexmouth.co.uk - a NFP space for , and and a datafiltr.com

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I am a person of many and varied interests including but not limited to biking, fitness, outdoors, photography, web development, Wordpress, HTML, Bootstrap, coding, graphics, science, tech, running, SF, aircraft, cars, trail building, writing, reading, pets & animals, history, & many other interests. bio.link/marcmosher

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of everything else interesting

In that order regardless of online representations

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Kevin Williams
@[email protected]

Came over as part of the .

Technology and customer service leader by day.

Amateur by night.

VB/.Net/4680 Basic programmer from a previous lifetime.

Creator of the friendliest.app.

Currently and kartedrop.com (@kartedrop).

Personal page - beerandcoding.com

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Joda Stößer
@[email protected]

Motivated by weird problems & sleek solutions
Working on, learning with and bootstrapping coders.fail

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Stefano Verna
@[email protected]

Founder of DatoCMS, a successful, fully bootstrapped headless CMS. Living in Florence, Italy.

Why follow me: I'm interested in sustainable business, fair society, design, programming, psychology, and keeping things simple.

My blog: squeaki.sh

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Game Production & Biz Guy. Let's talk , startups, bootstrap, growth, அ, 🏏, NSE, 🧘‍♂️, GoW, pottermore

- Cartic P, iCartic.com

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Beni Gartenmann
@[email protected]

Building a bootstrapped SaaS for small NPOs: mitcuora.ch
Digital Maker feeling at home in UX, UI and web development.

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FreeFrontend.com is a valuable resource for both web designers seeking new inspiration and developers looking to enhance the functionality of their projects.
HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Tailwind, JavaScript, React, Vue, jQuery.

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@[email protected]

Hello, I'm Enamul, a dedicated Web Design and Development Freelancer. My expertise lies in crafting visually stunning, responsive websites to elevate your business. Specializing in; 👉 Wix 👉 WordPress (design, redesign, customization) 👉 Elementor Pro 👉 Divi Theme 👉 HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS 👉 Woocommerce, and more. I excel in transforming PSD, Figma, and XD designs into dynamic WordPress and Wix sites. With a passion for jQuery animation and E-commerce proficiency, I am committed t

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Self thought Developer. I Love JavaScript. , , , , and Stack beginner 🔰 I have two year experiences on and Database.

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Follow along as I attempt to build a profitable B2B SaaS company without any funding!

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