Hi folks, I'm Aaron (he/him) and I'm an Advocate at Microsoft, focusing on on Azure (or .NET on Azure - pick your preference 😝).

I'm here to make the cloud easier for everyone to use, especially for and developers.

My background is ASP.NET (both and ) with JavaScript frontends, especially .

I also post random things here, like running and beer.

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Jérémie Chassaing
@[email protected]

thinkbeforecoding 🧠👉🏻💻 / Software Gardener 🌼🌿🌺 Architect at d-edge / 14y of DDD and ES. F# lover and occasional contributor. Crazy Farmers author. He/him.

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Supporting the worldwide community through online channels

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Functional Programmer. .NET SDK/MSBuild/Templating PM @Microsoft
. @IonideProject
contributor. :heart: F# on Linux. he/him.

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Dysfunctional programmer • Test infected • XP practictioner • Writes bugs in C# F# Haskell Lisp • Loves Emacs and Cherry MX Blue

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Sergey Tihon 🦔 🦀
@[email protected]

Father. Husband. Developer. Microsoft MVP. Likes 🦔, 🦀 and curious about neovim .

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Chris P. trek_ds9_sisko#1️⃣
@[email protected]

Software Developer, dad, animal person. Maybe not in that order?

You'll mostly see me posting about , , / (primarily , , and , but also lots of others!), , and a little bit of .

I used to post about over on @b4ux1t3, but now I do that here!


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Software Developer. Blue Geezer in TX. Veteran. EVE Online player. Fan of pop-culture image responses. I like to cook, but I'm not very good at it.

I block MAGAs, "Conservative Christians", self-described patriots, chuds, crypto-bros, anti-vaxxers and other assorted louts.

Location: Fort Worth, TX


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@[email protected]

Principal Software Engineer at Perpetuum. F# Over-Enthusiast. Insufferable standing desk owner.

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A stay-at-home dad of three with a major love for coding and tinkering with software.

Also, follow financial markets and do short-term trading (not day trading).

A huge supporter of Ukraine and its war for freedom against terrorist Russia. Currently contributing with donations to libertyukraine.org/

I occasionally blog here: laimis.medium.com/

, , , , , ,

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Husband. Father. Professional nerd (C#/F#). Pretend woodworker. He/Him.

Bots: @NatlParksAlerts_Parks, @NatlParksAlerts_Monuments

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🐈Natalie Perret🍫
@[email protected]


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F# compiler and tooling team lead @ Microsoft Prague.

Russia is a terrorist and fascist state. It needs to be stopped. Arm Ukraine!

Opinions are my own and all that.

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Mikael Lundin 🍀🥦♻️
@[email protected]

Maker of Software and gamer at heart. Author of the book Testing with F#

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Julien Roncaglia
@[email protected]

Software developer 🇫🇷 🇪🇺

Currently working at Waldo 🦙, previously Zenly 🍦(Snap 👻), Virtu Financial 💵 and Microwave Vision 📶

I like programming (F#, Rust & Typescript mainly) and books (Science-Fiction, Fantasy)

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Ernst Greiner 🇪🇺
@[email protected]

Developer since decades, former Twitter refugee, now fediverse citizen. Will block x, threads and BlueSky, sorry nosorry.

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Mangel Maxime
@[email protected]

Active open source contributor around , and

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I am interested in model trains, electronics, electronic test equipment, HP calculators, FPGA, Ham radio, SDR, rustlang and much more. F# is my secret weapon.

Every day is an opportunity to suck at something new.

In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

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Patrick Drechsler
@[email protected]

software crafter, TDD, FP, F#, DDD

work: BLOBA* developer (mostly C#)
*BLOBA: Boring-Line-Of-Business-Application

Helping people & projects dealing with 'legacy'.

dostojewski probably would have written better tickets than you.

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thrillscience ✡️ עם ישראל חי
@[email protected]

Piano / Music / Technology
Radio / N2GF / SDR / Electronics / FPGA /
Computer Programming / Erlang / F#
locksport / retrotech / retrocomputing 
ראובן סבירסקי
Silicon Valley / Tel Aviv

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F# programmer. FLOSS and privacy/digital sovereignty advocate

Can plug in a USB cable on the first try (USB-C only)

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Morten Mertner verified420
@[email protected]

Passionate Software Developer (C#/F#) • Copyright/Patent/Crypto Antivist • Husband/Father • Atheist • Cat Person • Fact Lover • He/Him

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Reinhard Lackner
@[email protected]

:heart: , I code in csharp and , interested in and love (, )

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𝕾𝖙𝖊𝖛𝖊 𝕲𝖎𝖑𝖍𝖆𝖒
@[email protected]

Independent Software Developer.
Author of AltCover. fsharp dotnet
Gentleman of leisure.

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Software developer - mostly F# in recent years.

I post/boost about politics and music as well as software development.

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, , , , is the best f**k of all the rest, 2D & 3D

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Currently using Typescript & F# to make stuff

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Jonathan Moosekian
@[email protected]

Curious about everything under the sun, behind the sun, and inside the sun. Rock turner until I’m dead. I also software quite a bit. C# / F# / Flutter / Rust and many others. I like taking things apart and trying to put them back together. I grow things, I bake things, photograph things, and pet all the animals.

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Bent Rasmussen
@[email protected]
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Nerd, rescuer of cats and chickens, lover of sci, tech, astronomy, radio, sailing, cyberpunk, steampunk, retired game server admin, B Eng Comp Sys Hons 1, NYSF'99, Marine Rescue Watchofficer and IT&Comms Officer, Snr Software Eng.

Things I get up to:
* marinerescuensw.com.au/wp-cont (page 20)
* photos.app.goo.gl/AJLTs4TK1fdA

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L__Master | R. ✅
@[email protected]

💻 Informatik, Computer, Switch und co.
🎶 , ( & )
& vom
( )
👥Inhaber von My-Teams.de

👀 Politikwatching, & 📗
🟥YouTube: L__Master | 🟦Discord: l__master / Rudolf#5438 | 🟪Twitch: L__Master | ⬜Reallife: @Rudolf

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35↑ | Glasgow, Scotland

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🇫🇷 Dev working on @dotnet testing tools @microsoft DevDiv. F# enthusiast. Opinions are my own.

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Pro software dev for 30+ years, These days .NET, ASP.NET, C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, and (insufficient quantities of) F#.
At work, as Technical Architect, I try to keep the developers in the teams on some kind of maintainable track while staying ahead on technical design.

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Jan Morgenstern
@[email protected]

Film composer & sound designer. Discovered a new note between F and F# and has since been on the run from the government.

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Dotnet Developer working in the water industry. Lover of F#. 15 years in the industry and still very much a beginner.

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Kevin Schneider
@[email protected]

Computational biology PhD researcher. I write and maintain open source data science software (F#/.NET).

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I like lots of things, but most of my thoughts are on coding, especially F#.
Previously full-stack but currently mostly dev-ops.
Trying to be a good person to all.
Also @[email protected] (and GitHub, Tumblr)

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Astrogore Studio
@[email protected]

Ilustrador y diseñador gráfico.
Freak Old School

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Dad and husband to two amazing people. Also, a co-author, former adjunct professor and software engineer.

I have experience in Smalltalk, Common Lisp, Clojure, Fennel, Swift, Java, C, C++, C#, Objective-C, Scala, F#, Typescript, Perl, Raku, Clojurescript, 6502 & 68000 assembly, Object Pascal, APL, Wolfram Language, and JavaScript and more.

Lucky enough to have gotten an original Mac in Jan 1984, a NeXT Computer in 1988 and my own Lisp Machine.

I’ve had dinner with Steve Jobs as well.

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