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pretalx▪Python/Django/vue.js▪Three Django projects in a trench coat▪he/him

Admin here. Please report instead of DMing.

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Trey Hunner 🐍
@[email protected]

& educator & team trainer

I help folks sharpen their Python skills with PythonMorsels.com🐍🍪

Also a who is attempting more ethical eating (, not yet ) and thinks is highly underrated, but I don't post about those topics very often.


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I code python_logo at redhat for Ansible.
I am a PSF Fellow
I maintain dynaconf.com
I like rust
I am plant based 🌱
I use arch_linux btw

Viana do Castelo 🇵🇹 | from 🇧🇷 | 🍉

My posts are mainly in English and occasionally in Portuguese.

Here I share mostly about

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Jeff Triplett
@[email protected]

🌋 @defnado cofounder, 🏝 @djangocon organizer, 🏎 @revsys consultant, 🐍 @Thepsf former director, vice-chair, and treasurer, 🦄 @djangoproject member, 🏀, ✨, 💪, 🏃‍♂️, 🤖, Oh Mai.

If you are into and content, please follow @djangonews

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A high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. Toots by Django Software Foundation

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Paolo Melchiorre
@[email protected]

🐍 developer
🦄 contributor
🗣 Conference speaker
🐧 / user
🥑 advocate
🧩 / / member
🇮🇹 co-organizer
🐬 founder

© 2019 Paolo Melchiorre
⚖️ Creative Commons BY‐SA 4.0 (some rights reserved)

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django technical board member
🍕 London Django Meetup Organizer with @cgl
✍️ Author of three books on Django and Git
🇬🇧 London / 🇵🇹 Lisbon

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Carlton Gibson 🇪🇺
@[email protected]

Veteran software engineer and open source juggler 🤹 I work mainly on and with the Django web framework. When I’m not doing that it’s parenting, cooking, and philosophy. He/him

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Jannis Leidel
@[email protected]

python @ThePSF director & fellow.

conda Working on @conda and friends at .

web Open supporter.

& jazzband @jazzband founder.

data, & django @django core alum.

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Weekly Django news, articles, projects, and more. Lots of Django, Python, and anything that's web-focused.

Curated by @webology and @wsvincent

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Software developer/professional Jira ticket puncher.

Originally British, naturalized Finn. Interested in

Pixelfed: pixelfed.social/i/web/profile/

Header pic: Pascal Blanche pascalblanche.artstation.com/p

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James Bennett
@[email protected]

The man with the plan and the pocket comb.

Django security team. Ex-Mozillian.

I have enough opinions of my own to tell you about, without wasting time trying to give you my employer's.

Don't forget to tip your servers and normalize your Unicode.

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🅹🅴🅳🅸🅴 🇺🇦🕊️
@[email protected]
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Mariusz Felisiak
@[email protected]

Python python / Django django Developer 🧉
Django Releaser 📦
The PSF and DSF Member
Former @django Fellow

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django former @django board member
✍️ learndjango.com/books/ - Django for Beginners/APIs/Professionals
github github.com/wsvincent

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Join us: September 22-27 in Durham, North Carolina!

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Dev web / le jour, admin la nuit. Contribue aussi sporadiquement à , et au . Enby.

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Daniele Procida
@[email protected]

Director of Engineering at Canonical. Django core developer.

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Software dev who digs Python, Django, pinball, and coffee.


- Django Brew Podcast: djangobrew.com
- No bullshit help for
perfectionists with deadlines: alldjango.com
- Reactive component framework for Django: django-unicorn.com
- Bookmarking for developers: devmarks.io
- Fediverse summary: fediview.com
- Progressively enhance HTML: unsuckjs.com
- This Fun House: pixelfed.social/@thisfunhouse

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Django Chat Podcast
@[email protected]

A podcast on the Django web framework by @wsvincent and @carlton

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Author, teacher, programmer, outdoor guy · ehmatthes.com · Python Crash Course · django-simple-deploy

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I make (goth-adjacent, in my intentions) music: pgcd.bandcamp.com/
I work with and and all the usual suspects.
I'm a big and reader.
I'm scared for the future of my progeny (thanks to and ).
I play and , I try to keep up with , I defintely kicked my habit.
I hate bigotry in all its forms, I love good .

(Making this searchable: I write gems, and I want to be able to find them again)

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Writing Python, Django & more 🐍 • community organiser • aspiring rustacean 🦀 • Write the Docs • IRRs and a bit of BGP • 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ • she/they • was mxsash on twitter

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Lover of all things and

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Jimmy Angelakos postgresql
@[email protected]

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇪🇺🇬🇷 /ˌænʤəˈlɑːkɒs/
Peace, Love & Linux. Strictly personal opinions. PostgreSQL contributor & speaker.
Author of PostgreSQL Mistakes and How to Avoid Them: mng.bz/D9mR
Co-author of the PostgreSQL 16 Administration Cookbook: packt.link/6PurB

Lucy got a secret show cat 🐈

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Tim Schilling
@[email protected]

Gardener, homebrewer, bread baker and hot sauce maker. Assister with Django Debug Toolbar.
Jazzband | DEFNA | he/him

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Markus Holtermann
@[email protected]

Engineer at CLADE, @djangoproject contributor, former @DjangoConEurope @DjangoConAU, @EuroPython organizer. My thoughts, not my employer's. He/Him

My account is searchable on tootfinder.ch/

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Writing Python python, Django django and surfing waves 🏄‍♂️

🧪 flakytest.dev tame your test suite flakiness
🧑‍💻 fedidevs.com find awesome devs across the fediverse
💻 github.com/anze3db/django-tui a TUI for all your Django commands

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passionate about the environment and social justice

full-time python/django dev, part-time progress-spruiker

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Djangonaut Space
@[email protected]

Djangonaut Space is a volunteer-led OSS peer-mentoring circle to create leaders in the Django community.

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Juanjo Salvador
@[email protected]

👨‍💻 Python/Django developer.
📷 Not-so-skilled photographer.
🐧 Debian & @gnome lover.
🚨 Mod at @django and @jekyll
🏖 Based in Spain.

Also likes anime, sci-fi, beer, mexican food and mechanical keyboards. Not always talk about himself using the third person form.

Pronouns are: he/him

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Christian Hammond
@[email protected]


I work on the Review Board code review software (reviewboard.org@reviewboard) at Beanbag (beanbaginc.com). CEO, developer, sales, support, janitor. I work with , , a lot.

I do COVID reporting for Butte County, CA at bc19.live / twitter.com/bc19live.

In a previous life I was a developer in the Linux space, working on GAIM/Pidgin, GNOME, and on Workstation/Player/WSX at VMware.

I sometimes post pics of squirrels and bees.

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Timo Zimmermann
@[email protected]

I build backends, apps and sometimes break them, practice martial arts and enjoy video games. I believe I have seen the whole Internet once, maybe twice.

Tools of choice and
Sometimes musing about and life

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Paul McLanahan firefox
@[email protected]

Python/Django dev and Engineering Manager. Guitar, Bass, Saxophone, and Tuba player. UGA grad. Marching band nerd. Work @mozilla making websites. Nerdfighter. EV owner. ATLian.

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Working with python django postgresql
Building software & maps
Always on 🚲

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Iacopo Spalletti 🐍🍻😷 🇺🇦
@[email protected]

Founder/CTO @Nephila_digital - Djangonaut - DjangoConEurope 2017 organizer - DSF/PSF member. Father/CisHet/He/Him.
I'm either writing some kind of software, playing with kid or sitting on the stool of the local pub

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expat trying to save the world in my free time. 🇨🇦 🇪🇺🌹

For the nerds, I'm the guy who wrote Paperless, Aletheia, mt103, mpan, and Majel. My latest project is called "django-cool-urls", though I don't have a lot of energy for side projects these days.

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Avatar: A picture of a Binturong holding up its left hand in a sign of peace.

Profile picture: A cropped image of Viennese fantastic realist painter Ernst Fuchs' Moses & the Burning Bush

I route the packets that make the Internet sing.
Documentation supervisor & contributor to xfce
moderator at r/xfce

Currently exploring python django docker
Occasionally dabble in
fsf opensource

Generally a recluse in the area

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Jack Linke 🦄
@[email protected]

- Managing Director of Watervize 💧
- ❤'s Django, Python, htmx, GIS, Graphs, discrete math 🤓
- PSF Contributing member 🐍
- Husband, Public Speaker, ND, Veteran
- 🌈 he/him

Yapping all day, every day (apparently)

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Giving you superpowers to use every day. Python trainer, coach, developer, and PyRVA co-founder.

Also talk about htmx, tailwind, and django (for fedidevs.com/ purposes).

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Rachell Calhoun
@[email protected]

Django Dev · Djangonaut Space Organizer · Django Girls Trustee ·
DjangoGirls & PyLadies Local Organizer· 💃 She/her

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Padraic Harley
@[email protected]

Irish guy in Scotland. Shite at small talk. Purple monkey dishwasher. He/Him. Enjoys Python and Django.

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Baptiste Mispelon
@[email protected]


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Redrawn Hell Human
@[email protected]

Hannah Werdmuller 🎸 Django Moves to Portland 🎤 Chonk! 📻 Pet Door Show on ShadyPinesRadio.com Thurs 2-4pm PT / 5-7pm ET / 10pm-12am GMT 🎶 Chronic pain. They/them (preferred), or she/her.

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Dainius Happy 🇱🇹 ❤ 🇺🇦
@[email protected]

russia dēlenda est | rehackedhub.com - curated weekly newsletter |

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Custom web apps and design systems, developed in thoughtful collaboration. A small agency with a big presence in the community – including core contributors to the CSS Working Group, Sass, and Django.

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Part Developer, Part SysAdmin, Part InfoSec. Avid self-hoster, lover of .

All things systems @ Torchbox. Core, Security & Performance @wagtail. Individual Member django.

Opinions are a belief or construct held with confidence.

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Jason Novinger
@[email protected]

Lead Engineer @EliasSports, used to live at twitter.com/jasonnovinger

I also serve as a mod for the @python and @django communities on the Programming.Dev lemmy instance.

Aspires to own a thundercougarfalconbird. Asks relevant frontend questions. The Guidry once said I had a good idea.

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Django Packages django
@[email protected]

Django Packages is a directory of reusable apps, sites, tools, and more for your Django projects. django python

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