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Bartosz Milewski
@[email protected]

Physicist, programmer (Haskell, C++), mathematician, category theorist. Author of Category Theory for Programmers and The Dao of Programming

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c++ developer advocate at microsoft ~ poet ~ film/noisemaker ~ mask enthusiast

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Prof. Tatiana Ilyina
@[email protected]

, Earth system modeler, studying carbon cycle, its variability, predictability, and impacts on Earth’s past, present and future climates via the - feedbacks.
I am Professor for carbon cycle modeling in the earth system at Universität Hamburg and @hereon and lead the Group at @MPI_Meteo
Mom of 3 wonderful human beings, housemate of a cat 🐈‍⬛ | she/her |

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Dad, husband, Swift language designer and Swift/C++/ObjC compiler implementor, Author, Generic Programming aficionado. He/him.

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C & C++ Weekly
@[email protected]

Articles, projects and tutorials about and .

Weekly newsletter: discu.eu/weekly/candcpp

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Distinguished engineer @ Woven by Toyota — C++ standards committee language evolution chair—WebAssembly co-instigator—he/him

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@[email protected]

opinionated lurker of the intarwebs.

Used to write code, still do. c/c++, java, php, js, c#, gdscript, gnawed on sql, sparql, unix/windows etc etc billions of years ago.

tech, graphics, anything STEM
anything anthropology, history, linguistics
anything blender, gimp (although i scream using it), audacity
prefers not to be run over by cars

I drink Philz.

I do a (non-monetized) video or so a week on yt.

Tyranny and poverty are everywhere a mainstream economics phenomenon.

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Robert J. Berger
@[email protected]

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe... PC Revolutions, C compilers clacking huge Floppy Disks , Lisp Machine Nirvana, Unix Wars, building an early ISP, Metro Wireless, that went down, Hardware Image Processing, Objective C training from Brad Cox, first C++ Conference, unreadable Perl, lots of Python, Ruby, and now back to , , , , Software System and Cloud Architectures. Not time to die!


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Making C++ Fun, Safe, and Accessible

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Chandler Carruth
@[email protected]

Software, performance, optimization, programming languages, security, open source, lead, , , C++. 🏳️‍🌈 pronoun.is/he or pronoun.is/they

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Language designer and implementer at Apple: Swift, Objective-C, C++, C. Erstwhile editor of the Itanium C++ ABI. Focus on security mitigations and low-level language implementation.

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Claudia Doppioslash/ShaderCat
@[email protected]

Mind Contortionist and Bit Enchantress
Senior Graphics Programmer in games

Topics: Rendering (physically based), Procedural Generation (Houdini mostly), Color Science, Animation and rigging, Blender, Photogrammetry. Rust, Python, C++
Game engines: Unreal Engine, Unity, O3DE a bit

Author of "Physically Based Shader Development for Unity 2017" (Apress)

May contain some traces of Functional Programming and/or fancy types

I live on Mastodon now

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Compiler Explorer
@[email protected]

I'm a website that lets you type in C, C++, D, Rust, Haskell, Ispc, Java and other compiled languages, and then I compile it and show you the assembly output.

I can also run those programs and show what they'd print.

But not here, I'm not a bot, I'm a person and this account is for status and help with the site.

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she hacked you
@[email protected]

shipwrk'd & coma-tose
drink'n fresh granat-apfel muttersaft

security researcher, open-source hardware+software engineer, ⚧dimensional slider, paradoxically lucid, bruja cibernética, exile, formally–trained geneticist, netzwerk hexe, bi-polar 2 witch-apologist, amateur mycologist, glitch witch, katzenamt Bürokrat, day–dreamer, night-timer party–crasher

+poorly conceived original
+stupid posts in english, español, and deutsche

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I’ve been a hobbyist games and technology writer for over 20 years. I keep the lights on by writing MIT-licensed embedded hardware drivers at Pimoroni in Python, MicroPython and C++.

Hobbies include music, videogames, skateboarding, baking and making videos about frothing milk.

Tech @ gadgetoid.com
Software @ Pimoroni

Pi pinout - pinout.xyz

Pico pinout - pico.pinout.xyz


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Incorrigible Maker
@[email protected]

Banner: F-105F Wild Weasel over North Vietnam 1968. Been there; done that. I took this picture

Avitar: Caricature of old, bald man looking askance. Me! I created it long ago

College @ MissStateUniv;
20 years USAF (320 combat missions);
Soccer (20 yr player, 15 yr coach, once retail store owner);
Past Dir of FL Adoption Reunion Registry;
Computer Professional (consultant, developer, Sr. Software Engineer - data storage/access);
Angler (bass tournaments, now just fishing)
Thoroughly RETIRED

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🤔a glimpse of me and only me
💡I'm whom I follow
✅boost isn't endorsement, make up your own mind
🙂one of over 310k Siemens employees
🖖live long and prosper

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Jonathan Müller
@[email protected]

C++, compilers, and programming languages. Library developer @ think-cell, assistant chair for std::ranges @ C++ standardization committee.

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Brianna Townsend
@[email protected]

✨ C/C++ developer✨ she/her ✨ creator of unfinished video games ✨

Current endeavor is a dungeon crawling roguelike with into-the-breach-inspired combat set in a hand-crafted world. It's called Chronicles IV: Ebonheim and you can read all about it on my blog! blog.brianna.town/chronicles-i

My blog is also federated! Follow @britown

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Gamedev, making Avoyd Voxel Editor & Game with and open source tech with @juulcat.


Runtime Compiled C++, enkiTS, ex-physicist ex-AAA. He/Him.

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Working with @dougbinks on voxel editor tool and 6DoF FPS game

Open source software, IconFontCppHeaders, gamedev, webdev, testing, python, C++, procgen


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PwnieLuver 🦄​❤️​
@[email protected]

A electrical engineering dropout with untreated ADHD, trying and failing to get into IT and Infosec, so for now I'm just a tech NEET living with my parents

user@pwnieluver:~$cat opinions.txt

user@pwnieluver:~$cat Website.txt


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Bicycling programmer in mostly & & in off-grid (and some ). Into road, tour, gravel and fun with friends; , , , building, radio, you name it. Living in the mountains of southwestern Virginia, USA.

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⚙️ Free and open-source 2D game engine, licensed under GPL, and written in C++/Lua. Primarly aimed for Action-RPGs but can do much more!

🛠️ It supports Lua scripting, and includes a game editor and a game launcher, both written in C++/Qt.

🎮 We also make games to showcase our engine!

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Björn Fahller
@[email protected]

I write code, I do not drink coffee.
Avatar by Franzisca Panter

Upcoming speaking engagements:
July: C++OnSea, Folkestone, UK
September: NDC TechTown, Kongsberg, Norway

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Old programmer, curmudgeon, author of Effective C and Secure Coding in C and C++.

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Powered by unhealthy amounts of caffeine | Senior tester of pens | Specializes in initial network access | OSINT, Social Engineering, Physical Security, Hardware, and soon Malware | FFXIV | MCR | Opinions are my own | She/her

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@[email protected]

Cybersecurity researcher, , , C/C++, , , you-name-it programmer, evangelist, dad. I wrote a malware analysis course. Feel free to hit me up about Cyber Threat Intel, , , , or anything open-source. Was a contributor in a previous life. One cell of .

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Konrad Rudolph
@[email protected]

Bioinformatician & software engineer

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C++ core compute libraries tech lead at
NVIDIA, Standard C++ Committee member, former nomad, and sometimes artist wannabe.

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Mad computer scientist, unfinished project collector, meme enjoyer. Posts mostly tech and memes and tech memes.

Current project: Ludwig, a Lemmy clone in C++ - github.com/ar-nelson/ludwig

Backlog project: Tapir, a single-user Fediverse server - tapir.social

· · · · · · · · · · · (, , ) · / · · ·

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Ralf Lenz, BOFH Emeritus 🏴‍☠️
@[email protected]

Network Engineer - Juniper | Cisco | Fortinet | HPE | And more...
Systems/Hosting - VMWare | Proxmox VE | OpenStack | And more...
Development - PHP | Python | JS/TS | Frontend Techs | ANSI C | C++ | And more...
Management - D-level | PM | Department Head | Dev Teams | And more...
Strategy - InfoSec | Product Roadmap | And more...

US Citizen | PH Resident (13a) | RemoteOnly

CV: jrlenz.com/files/cv-2023-12.pd

Other account (maybe more active now): @ralf

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The Last Psion | Alex
@[email protected]

Performing vintage platform necromancy. hardware and software hackery, especially SIBO/EPOC16 machines (Series 3, MC range, etc).

Made the , a USB drive for Psion SSDs.

WARNING: Will (, , , , , , , )

If you have any old Psion source code (OPL, C, C++, assembly), docs or schematics, please get in touch!

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Ritesh Oedayrajsingh Varma
@[email protected]

Building Superluminal (superluminal.eu / @superluminal), a user-friendly CPU sampling profiler for C/C++, Rust & .NET on Windows & consoles. Ex-Guerrilla Games (H:ZD). Mostly toots about tech.

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Computer Graphics & Programming Languages person.

I twoot about languages like C, C++, Rust, JS/TS, and OCaml.

I organize two online meetups: @graphicsmeetup and Programming Languages Virtual Meetup


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Felix Urbasik
@[email protected]

🯁🯂🯃🮲🮳 ← If you can see this, you are cool.

Tech nerd with social capabilities. Enjoys simulation games, pen and paper roleplaying, drinking beer and messing with technology while listening to Hatsune Miku.

Engine programmer of We Are Football at winningstreakgames.de


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annajayne 🏳️‍⚧️🙏🏳️‍🌈
@[email protected]

C++ (virtual filesystems, cloud & dev tools), addict, case research volunteer and owner of a lonely halberd.

Founder of riverblade.co and
[CN] tdor.translivesmatter.info.

She/her/trouble. May contain yoga and nuts.

, UK

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Randy 🇺🇦
@[email protected]

Слава Україні! 💙🇺🇦💪🏼
Most important job: being Dad; I also love to help people deny attackers the opportunity to break and steal all the things. 
One of the organizers of for Detection Engineers And Threat Hunters 
💙Python && C++
Pronouns: He/him

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Superluminal (superluminal.eu) is a user-friendly CPU sampling profiler for C/C++, Rust & .NET on Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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I lead the Languages and Runtimes team at Apple (Swift, C++). I am a member of Swift Core Team.

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Teacher, researcher, technologist


Tech, edu, society, humor, justice, health, finance, entertainment, languages, cultures,…

I strive to:
- Keep open mind
- Engage in good faith
- Follow whole person
- Be objective, respectful, social
- Share and seek diverse, new topics

Engagement is not endorsement. searchable

Bio: smurthys.github.io
Elsewhere: @smurthys.bsky.social
Formerly: mastodon.social/@smurthys


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Dani (cxx modules addict)
@[email protected]

C++ nerd, WG21, INFJ, electrical engineer, she/her, science connoisseur, jazz addict

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Benoît Vimont amiga
@[email protected]

Graphics engineer at Ubisoft Montpellier, mostly posting about rendering stuff.

⚠️ Opinions expressed here are my own and do not reflect the ShaderResourceViews of my employer

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Stefan Reinalter
@[email protected]

Founder of Molecular Matters • C++ & low-level programming • Created Live++: liveplusplus.tech

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Game dev in free time and a professional programmer. Doing stuff with C++ and OpenGL.

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Hex-Rays was founded in 2005 to improve the digital security and face the rising cybersecurity threats that are increasingly affecting both public and private entities.

Fully independent from any governmental agencies and stock market pressures, Hex-Rays is renowned for developing the state-of-the-art binary software analysis solutions used for reverse-engineering, hostile code analysis and vulnerability research.

Its world-famous product IDA Pro is the premier product for software disassembly.

Hex-Rays has also released the Hex-Rays Decompiler plugin for IDA Pro, which dramatically increases the productivity of IT security researchers involved in the analysis of real world C/C++ binaries.

Thanks to the speed and scalability of its core algorithms, Hex-Rays does not merely break new ground in the well known C/C++ decompilation problem: it lays foundations for future developments in the field of binary analysis!

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Anthony Williams
@[email protected]

Author of C++ Concurrency in Action.

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Original author of C++ test framework, Catch2, co-host of cppcast.com, organiser of cpponsea.uk, swiftcraft.uk and cppldn.org

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* leftist,
anti-fascist pessimist

* senior “Web Engineer”
(mostly TypeScript dev)

* Web Platform, PWA & WebComponents fanboy (a free Web can do more good if it is capable, this includes treating PWAs like first-class citizens in an application environment, i.e. sadly the opposite of Mozilla’s vision for the web)

* dabbling in (sane) IoT & embedded C++

* interested in everything

* ask me stuff!

* he/him

🌹🏳️‍🌈⬆️ antifa

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Daily bit(e) of C++ | ex-SWE, ex-Researcher | Currently dumping my 20 years of SWE experience into articles & videos.

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