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Python Software Foundation
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This is the official PSF account. We promote, protect, and advance the Python programming language, and support and facilitate the growth of a diverse and international community of Python programmers.

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Shoshana 🏳️‍⚧️
@[email protected]

Software engineer (C#, Kotlin, Golang, Java, Rust, Python), I really like housing, bikes, and nice communities 👩🏻‍🦰 ✡️ 🇮🇪 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍⚧️

Lilah tov moon, lilah tov cow jumping over the moon 🌕 🐄

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Python Weekly 🐍
@[email protected]

Articles, projects and tutorials about .

Weekly newsletter: discu.eu/weekly/python

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Limor "Ladyada" Fried - Adafruit is a USA Manufacturer, open-source hardware, certified Minority and Woman-owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE) Teaching, sharing, , ... account is managed by @ladyada @ptorrone no bots, all toots are from either ladyada or pt, blame them :)

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pretalx▪Python/Django/vue.js▪Three Django projects in a trench coat▪he/him

Admin here. Please report instead of DMing.

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Interesting articles and projects for Python developers

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Gina Häußge 🔜 #EuroPython
@[email protected]

Passionate code monkey 🐒 Geek 👩‍💻 Gamer 🎮 Bouldering apprentice 🧗‍♀️Creator & maintainer of OctoPrint 🐙 GitHub Star 🌟 PSF Fellow 🐍

Located close to Frankfurt in Germany. Fluent in German and English.

This is my main account on the Fediverse.

I also happen to run plushies.social and am one half of the @dzoc.

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Tech speaker, @ joinmastodon.org, communities person 💗💜💙 I do things with code, and tinker with gadgets … I’m an ambassador for @openuk, one-third of a weekly 🎧@gamesatwork_biz & help with a meetup 🛠️@[email protected]

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Michael Kennedy
@[email protected]

A Python enthusiast and entrepreneur. Host of @talkpython and @pythonbytes podcasts, founder of Talk Python Training. Software Foundation Fellow. Based in Portland, OR USA.

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You probably heard about me because I am the founder of the Twisted python networking engine open source project. But I’m also the author and maintainer of several other smaller projects, a writer and public speaker about software and the things software affects (i.e.: everything), and a productivity nerd due to my ADHD. I also post a lot about politics; I’d personally prefer to be apolitical but unfortunately the global rising tide of revanchist fascism is kind of dangerous to ignore.

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Talk Python Podcast
@[email protected]

The #1 Python-focused podcast covering the people and ideas in Python. Created and hosted by @mkennedy.

Follow @mkennedy for conversations and interactions and follow the show here for episode announcements and other news.

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I program, write, and teach. Co-founder of Software Carpentry and It Will Never Work in Theory; co-editor of The Architecture of Open Source Applications.

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Author of "Automate the Boring Stuff with Python" and other programming books. Mostly harmless. he/him

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Thea (Stargirl) Flowers ✨ Music technologist, synth designer, and so much more ✨ PSF Fellow ✨ She/her

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Interests include: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and philosophy. Originally from Manila, now in Toronto. Married to a Vim guy (go figure) and raising a 7-year old (editor preference unknown), along with two very loud cats.

Blog: sachachua.com (mostly Emacs News these days), sketches: sketches.sachachua.com. I also maintain planet.emacslife.com and subed.el

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Ned Batchelder
@[email protected]

Python, software, coverage.py, typography, juggling, Boston, autism (dad). Laughing at the world doesn't mean I don't take it seriously. He/him.

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Madeleine Bonsma-Fisher, PhD
@[email protected]

Data Sciences Institute postdoc (bikes + data), biophysics PhD, Bike Ottawa board member, mom. I post about bikes and safe streets, local politics, and sometimes science. She/her.

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Sumana Harihareswara
@[email protected]

Indian-American gal who likes to make people laugh. entrepreneur, programmer, tech writer and encourager, stand-up comedian, advocate for transparency in government software and data.

New York City , Changeset Consulting, , , , packaging, Geek Feminism, , harihareswara.net.

Hope you're having the best possible day.

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Gaël Varoquaux
@[email protected]

Research & code: Research director @inria
► Machine Learning, Data, Health, & Computer science
►Python coder, (co)founder of scikit_learn
& joblib
►Physics PhD

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core developer; dev manager for the Python experience for (although opinions my own, etc., etc.); snarky

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A Python podcast covering recent developer headlines. Hosted by @mkennedy and @brianokken.

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Sharon Machlis
@[email protected]

Director, editorial data & analytics at Foundry (an IDG company). Author of Practical R for Mass Communication & Journalism. A bit obsessed with both and . Learning .

Write about R & for . She.

First joined Mastodon (at Fosstodon) on Oct 27, 2022.

Website: machlis.com
Apps: apps.machlis.com

Other interests:

Was @sharon000 on Twitter (no longer active)

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Public Interest Technologist at sunet.se . Core team member of @torproject and Core developer of . Fellow and Treasurer at Python Software Foundation. Fedora developer fedora , digital security trainer helping out journalists/activists/whistleblowers.

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Hynek Schlawack
@[email protected]

• blogger 📝, speaker 📢, and YouTuber 📺
• 💗 Python 🐍, Go 🐹, DevOps 🔧
• Patron Saint of Shitty Air Travel ✈️💩
• works for a smol ISP & domain registrar 🌐
• substance over flash, nuance over loudness, outcomes over ego 🧠
• HOA reply = block ❌
• PSF fellow 🏆
• 🗣🇨🇿🇩🇪🇺🇸
• 🏚️🐻🇩🇪
• 💙💛


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Łukasz Langa
@[email protected]

CPython Developer in Residence, Python 3.8 and 3.9 release manager. Gradual typing enthusiast, asynchronous programming proponent, and creator of the auto-formatter Black. ambv on Github.

Likes immersive single-player role-playing games, Scotch whisky, and road cycling. In his free time, he produces electronic music, which includes software and hardware of his own making.

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governance nerd; open source developer & community manager; novelist; labor activist; NWSL fangirl

pronouns: she/her

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CEO / Founder of Textualize.io Hyperborean Python expert, author, humanist, husband, and sometimes wildlife photographer. He/him

**Please use GitHub issues for tech support**

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David Beazley
@[email protected]

Free-range computer scientist living in Evanston, Illinois. Former academic. I teach computer science courses, but you'll probably find me yapping on about bikes, dogs, and other random stuff here. I wrote the Python Cookbook, 3rd Ed (O'Reilly) and Python Distilled (Addison-Wesley). Teaching CSCI 1730, Design and Implementation of Programming Languages at Brown.edu in Fall 2023 and 2024!

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Nerd. Freelance Software Dev. Relationship Anarchist. Sometimes lives in a van. Queer white cis dude, promotes anti-capitalism, anti-fascism, intersectional feminism, the fight against climate change, and thoughtful, ethical behavior in general.

Toots in English or German about software development (mainly Python, JavaScript, Shell), Linux, Vim, electronics/µCs, van life, politics, sex, (inter)personal & emotional things, music, Star Trek, beverages.

May contain awful puns.

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🧑‍💻 Infra Architect
🐧 FOSS Developer
✉️ Founder of Lecourrierduhacker.com
💼 Founder of Linuxjobs.fr
☕ Tea addict
🍷 Wine Lover
🇫🇷 Paris, France


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Robert Roskam
@[email protected]

Deliberately eclectic.

I like making stuff with code and getting people to come along with me. Making stuff with friends is more fun.

I tend to write stuff in and /#vue these days with bits of tossed in. But I’ve done my share of /#nextjs too.

Engineer and Manager at pantheon.io

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Mariatta 🤦🏻‍♀️ python
@[email protected]

Python Core Developer. F"Yes!" python 🇨🇦

@pypodcats host.
@pycon US Chair 2023-2024.
@ThePSF Fellow Member & Community Service Award recipient.
Keynote speaker.
Foodie. Traveler. Picky eater.

Opinions are mine.

All toots are CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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atareao 🦀🐍🐋🐧
@[email protected]

Bienvenido a mi ventana a Linux y al Open Source. Si quieres conocer y profundizar en , , , , , , acompáñame en este apasionante viaje en el que me encuentro en atareao.es

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Trey Hunner 🐍
@[email protected]

& educator & team trainer

I help folks sharpen their Python skills with PythonMorsels.com🐍🍪

Also a who is attempting more ethical eating (, not yet ) and thinks is highly underrated, but I don't post about those topics very often.


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War on the Castle, Peace in the Valley🛡️🍉🇵🇸 🏳️‍🌈
@[email protected]

First they came for the 🏳️‍🌈
Then they came for the 🏳️‍⚧️
Then they came for the ✡️
1938 is now. Act!

Plain English Security Translator

Pronouns མོ་(རང་
Algonquin Confederation created American democracy. 🌊

"Man walks along the railroad track
He's goin' some place and there's no turnin' back...

The shelter line stretchin' around the corner
Welcome to the new world order!"

On b4 twit migra

Not an "expert". fedoraubuntu archlinux​ ​ tortux freebsd​ :protonmail :​python

OK to re-toot on Mastodon/attribution is automatic to the OP.

No AI scanning @ photos!

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your friendly neighborhood cheesemonger.

🛠️ Unlearning some Things 🛠️

HERE for:
🧀 cheese
🏛️ democracy
🎨 art, animations, ,
📷 photography
🎸 tasty blues solos
🤓 general nerdery

NOT here for:
🚫 not "expecting follow back"
🚫 not into crypto / adjacent scams
😅 ignore the spinny coin



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Principal Engineer at redhat working on ansible Platform | 🇧🇷 From Brazil, living in 🇵🇹 Portugal | 🚲 & 🥃 | vegan Plant-based | 🎸 Prog Metal | ✍️ Educator | 📚 Author | Fellow of python Software Foundation | Creator of Dynaconf | rust videos at /CodeShowBR channel | 💬 talks about

Follow my blog rochacbruno_rat on @rochacbruno

BTW archlinux

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On a mission to accelerate the Solidarity Economy through technology ♻️

Product Manager and Developer Advocate by day, rants about bad UX in F/LOSS by night. In love with SciPy, PyData, and all things Python. Luddite. Trying to make a positive impact.



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Robert J. Berger
@[email protected]

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe... PC Revolutions, C compilers clacking huge Floppy Disks , Lisp Machine Nirvana, Unix Wars, building an early ISP, Metro Wireless, that went down, Hardware Image Processing, Objective C training from Brad Cox, first C++ Conference, unreadable Perl, lots of Python, Ruby, and now back to , , , , Software System and Cloud Architectures. Not time to die!


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Lorena La Tigresa 🐯💜s you!
@[email protected]

PyLadiesChicago organizer, past Python Software Foundation (@Thepsf) Chair, Director, Fellow; Educator and Public Speaker; who 💖 live long, 🏳️‍🌈, 🐍, 🚀, 🏃, 🥊, 🧗🏼‍♀️& prosper 🖖🏽; my own opinions. 

I often post about , , , and general like . Pronouns: She/they

¡Y sí, hablo español!

Banner: From my baby boi Maine Coons 💙

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I code python_logo at redhat for Ansible.
I am a PSF Fellow
I maintain dynaconf.com
I like rust
I am plant based 🌱
I use arch_linux btw

Viana do Castelo 🇵🇹 | from 🇧🇷 | 🍉

My posts are mainly in English and occasionally in Portuguese.

Here I share mostly about

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An Aussie scientist in London.

Jack of all trades (master of none): biol/biochem, the μscopes; SMLM & FLIM. Silicon Whisperer. Messing about with viruses these days.

Admin of scicomm.xyz

Header: A series of 4 images, fading horizontally from pixelated white blobs, clustered single points, a point density heat map, and finally outlines of clusters.

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Jeff Triplett
@[email protected]

🌋 @defnado cofounder, 🏝 @djangocon organizer, 🏎 @revsys consultant, 🐍 @Thepsf former director, vice-chair, and treasurer, 🦄 @djangoproject member, 🏀, ✨, 💪, 🏃‍♂️, 🤖, Oh Mai.

If you are into and content, please follow @djangonews

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A high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. Toots by Django Software Foundation

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Alexis Brignoni python donor
@[email protected]

Digital forensics nerd. Opinions are mine and subject to change. He/Him.

🖥 Developer of open-source tools for digital forensics (iLEAPP, ALEAPP, & RLEAPP.)
📱 Digital forensics examiner specializing in mobile forensics.
🔊 Public speaker on cybersecurity and digital investigations.
🃏​ Certified Digital Forensics Memer

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koehntopp ~ :
@[email protected]

Geek. Possibility Junkie. Technology Optimist.
Picture taker, memory maker.
Stuck in the 80s. music nerd. Book lover.
dabbler. Security@SAP

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Veronica Olsen 🏳️‍🌈🇳🇴🌻
@[email protected]

Senior Developer at @turtlesec ★ High Energy Physics PhD from Uni Oslo and CERN ★ Linux ★ Python ★ Open Source ★ Unicode Unicorn ★ ISO 8601 Enthusiast ★ Consumer of Sci-Fi ★ Hobby Writer ★ Born at 336 ppm CO₂ ★ she/they, Dr.

Open Source: novelwriter.io, fosstodon.org/@novelwriter

(Banner image from Wallpaper Access)

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Lead maintainer of Flask, Jinja, Click, and others on Pallets. Meetup organizer with San Diego Python. @ThePSF Fellow. he/they

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Daily fresh AI-generated, tasteful erotic imagery for adults 18 and older.

This space celebrates the diversity of human form without prejudice — free from racism, violence, and homophobia.

We embrace bodies of every race, size, and age.

Follow for more and boost to support this project. Thank you, and remember: Make love, not <put_negative_task_here>.

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Paolo Melchiorre 🏖️
@[email protected]

🐍 developer
🦄 contributor
🗣 Conference speaker
🐧 / user
🥑 advocate
🧩 / / member
🇮🇹 co-organizer
🐬 founder

© 2019 Paolo Melchiorre
⚖️ Creative Commons BY‐SA 4.0 (some rights reserved)

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