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Occasional OCaml programmer, host of Signals and Threads podcast

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Marshall Abrams
@[email protected]

Philosopher of science and occasional scientist. Mainly philosophy of evolutionary biology, philosophy of probability, implications of modeling and statistical inference in evolutionary biology. New book, Evolution and the Machinery of Chance, 2023. Sometimes I write biological or social science simulations to investigate or illustrate philosophical or other theoretical ideas in biology or anthropology. (Favorite languages: Clojure, Idris (learning), OCaml, Haskell, NetLogo, R.)

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Computer Graphics & Programming Languages person.

I twoot about languages like C, C++, Rust, JS/TS, and OCaml.

I organize two online meetups: @graphicsmeetup and Programming Languages Virtual Meetup


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latinx immigrant 🇦🇷🇸🇪🏳️‍🌈🖖🏼 he/they • ex @spotify @klarna @walnutinc

I toot about:


💾 ( )

tho you'll also find 🫶🏼 stuff, 🧭 , 📸 , and 🎼 here too.

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Marcello Seri
@[email protected]

Maths, lambdas and rock'n'roll. Mathematical physicists, assistant professor at Bernoulli Institute. Member of YAGroningen. OCaml enthusiast. Tweets are my own

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Queery {PL,Q}T; my gender is carbohydrates & the colour pink. 💝

I write a lot of for the ecosystem!

DMs open; indexed on tootfinder.ch; other keywords:

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Interested in augmentation


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Thomas Leonard
@[email protected]

Programmer. Interests include: Free Software, OCaml, MirageOS unikernels, Nix, Wayland, Capability-based security, formal methods (TLA+, Coq).

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Marcus Rohrmoser 🌻
@[email protected]

Builds the social web typewriter Seppo.Social with 🐫 OCaml.org with grant NLnet.nl/project/Seppo.

Former JEE and iOS developer, past 🌳 tree planter. Occasional lightning talker mro.name/talks. Netizen since the mid 90ies. SIGCHI.org, CCC.de, FIfF.de, NOYB.eu, Blaetter.de.

Likes 😈 mro.name/FreeBSD-XFCE 🐁 and 🏔️ AlpineLinux.org.

. via tootfinder.ch

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I like:

Aspiring long distance

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Felipe O. Carvalho
@[email protected]

SWE @VoltronData / @ApacheArrow. Past: @Spotify. Databases/Compilers/DistSys. C++/OCaml/TLA+. 🇧🇷 → 🇸🇪 → 🌎

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Software Developer, currently creating theme and template websites for sale and sharing what I've learned about it.

I am interested in moving the web forward, so I read and share a lot about , , , , , , and .

I am also interested in languages like , , , , and .

I like languages like , , too.

I am a , believer, and advocate.

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Likes high level abstractions and low level bit twiddling. Spends spare time on ASMotor, gateware and retro computing. ♾️ 🏳️‍⚧️ 🏳️‍🌈

All Cats Are Beautiful

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Programming Languages Researcher/PhD student at NUS/British Indian 3rd Generation Immigrant (TCK)

I'm 100% lost... ... :(

I also have an account at [email protected]!

Website: gopiandcode.uk
Gitlab: gitlab.com/gopiandcode
Github: github.com/gopiandcode

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Open-source platform dedicated to the analysis of source code written in C, featuring:
- an abstract interpretation based analysis (Eva);
- a program proof framework based on deductive verification (WP);
- a runtime verification tool (E-ACSL);
- many tools for code base exploration, dependency analysis, slicing…

Based on formal methods, developed mainly in OCaml.

This account is used by Frama-C team members for technical (and not so technical) discussions, announcements, user support, etc.

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Patrick Ferris
@[email protected]

PhD-ing Department of Computer Science and Technology, Cambridge and probably doing something in OCaml

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Jason P 🇺🇦
@[email protected]

Programming languages, compilers, , , , a little , some music


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(functional) programming, mainly Clojure and OCaml

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Recent transplant from to the metro area. I'm a Software Engineer. My current Interests are in OCaml, network protocols, RPC systems, Observability and data platforms.

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Jon Raphaelson
@[email protected]

I am a slightly malfunctioning robot.

Dad nerd, software engineer by day, and also by night.

I binge a lot of , , and youtube.

I collect books, but play approximately twice a year.

I listen to a lot of podcasts.

I don't participate too much.

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he/him, software engineer, tokyo

OCaml, MirageOS, Rust, Embedded, DDD, Category Theory, Coffee, Watercolor

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When I don't go down rabbit holes, I sometimes do something useful. OCaml.org maintainer.

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Edwin Török
@[email protected]


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Anton Kochkov
@[email protected]

Reverse engineer. Firmware dissector. Rizin&Cutter developer. GitHub influencer. Foreign languages fanatic. OCamler and Rustacean. Loves to C into the void.

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Software Engineer who lives in NYC. Spent 8 years using Go but I use OCaml now. Linux user since the last millennium (but also a Mac user since 2003). Vim user since 2000. Internet user since 1996. Coder since 1992.

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cat /dev/urandom | base64 | grep "WEED"

I use Python, bash, SQL; interested in OCaml, functional programming, lambda calculus.

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💻 Tech
🐹 Go
🦀 Rust
📜 JavaScript
🐫 OCaml
🤪 Bobagens
🤯 Verdades
🧙🏻 FOSS contributor!

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